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Why Choose Katherine and Vixen Creative Marketing, LLC for Marketing?

It Goes Beyond Marketing.

Katherine W. Morse, August 17, 2020

When it comes to standing out to creating an increase in sales leads, Katherine and Vixen Creative Marketing, LLC has advantages over other marketing companies—first being a unique educational background. An undergraduate degree in anthropology with a heavy focus on environmental and visual anthropology as well as studies in archaeology and art. Then a second degree in psychology with a concentration in human services. The combinations lead to an upstanding of culture, diversity, and social behavior, which assist in relationships between a business and consumer behavior. Lastly, with the influence of mixed media art, photography, and fine art led to an MS in marketing with a concentration in digital marketing, more specifically, social media. Social media plays back in theories and studies of anthropology and psychology.

Second, a transplant from Virginia. I grew up near Washington, DC, with elementary to high school spent between Virginia and Maryland with an emphasis on cultural experiences outside the classroom to studying as well as traveling aboard. The move to Georgia was made to teach environmental education and work in archeology, visiting the Golden Isles as a tourist first, then teaching, and other jobs such as designing kitchens and baths to offer the most storage and function. To living in the area and getting to know businesses, the people, and tourists. Over a decade alone in the hospitality industry.

Next, as a business owner, I am invested in the community of the Golden Isles. I understand the history and stories both as a tourist and now a resident of the Golden Isles. It is not about the sale. It is about the story leading to relationships. It does not matter if it is business to business, B2B, or business to consumer, B2C. It goes beyond marketing. Again, it goes beyond marketing, my tag line, the foundation of Vixen Creative Marketing, LLC. When I filed to be an LLC in April of 2019, I wanted to bring that southern feel hospitality to my life long career as a marketer. Therefore, it is not just marketing for me; it is about community relationships–business to consumer, business to business, and business to business to consumer, B2B2C.

Lastly, as someone that grew up with learning disabilities, central-auditory processing disability, and attention deficit disorder, ADD, I see and visualize the world entirely differently. This allows me to be an excellent leader but, more importantly, a problem solver and adaptable to situations quickly. Taking that big picture and breaking it down to rearrange it to make the pieces work together. For someone like me, there is no reward if risks are not taken. As an artist and photographer, as an educator, and passionate about building relationships through online communities for businesses, it is about that risk to be bold, stand out, and tell the stories.

It goes beyond marketing when you work with Katherine and Vixen Creative Marketing, LLC. There is an understanding of the complications, high work ethic, and personable service that you will receive—unleashing creative storytelling to build brand community through digital and social media marketing by uncovering and celebrating your business’ uniqueness.

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