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How to Use Instagram Stories to Your Company’s s Benefit

In today’s social media marketing, a company strategy should include using story feature on Instagram. What is the Instagram story feature? It’s a feature that allows for 24 hours of viewing for the vertical full mobile screen in chronological order without keeping them in the profile. In short, the stories are not permanent unless a story is selected to be a feature on the profile page, which requires having a professional account.

To get the most out of Instagram stories in terms of data, make sure the account is set to business by going to Edit Profile and click on “Switch to Professional Account.” By having a professional account, not only does a company have the ability to feature specific stories at the top of the profile, but there is also data that is collected that can be viewed and used by the marketing department to determine what is and is not working to make necessary adjustments.

The Instagram Story can be either a photo that is viewed for just 7 seconds or a short video that can be no more than 15 seconds in length. Meaning, the video has a higher chance of being seen for longer versus a still image. When it comes to posting through Instagram, one can use stickers or add GIFs.

Canva, Adobe Spark, Splice, Quik, and Over to name a few, are apps that allow marketers to design specially for Instagram Stories. Beware that not all the apps are free or to get used to specific images charges for a single-use or upgrading to pro or premium level. If the Instagram Story does not want to be passed by, make sure it is eye-catching, follow the overall message the company has and assists in telling the story without coming outright to sell a product or service.

What should a company expect from Instagram Story? As a company, one should anticipate more engagement, a greater reach, especially organically, and consumer retention along with growth. As mentioned previously, keep in mind the message and make sure everything coordinates with a universal message. Consistency is critical in a well thought out digital marketing strategy that includes Instagram Story.

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